Base2’s QA Outsourcing offerings fulfill the need of companies that aim to have the total control over the quality level of softwares in the development process. Base2 has a complete process of testing, from the project planning to deploy in production. We work to anticipate all the bugs and flaws that the app in the development process has. In this way each bug will be cheaper to handle and will decrease the risk of having critical bugs showing up to the final users.


 The aim of the QA Outsorcing of Base2 is to guarantee the quality of your software and to support this objective we have a certified team prepared to test in any platform needed.

The process starts with the analysis of your software. Our team of tests analysts build the possible test cases and indicate the best approaches for testing. Through QA Outsourcing we can test using test automation, mobile, manual tests (local or remote team) or using Crowdtest, a crowdsourced testing platform of Base2.

You choose the approach that better fits the needs of your software and then the QA Outsourcing is initiated. The deliverables are, at least, test specifications,test execution reports, test automation scripts and bugs.


We have the software testing solution for your project