The Pay-per-bug is ideal for companies that need to perform web and mobile applications tests, but they have limited time and budget. This model works as a beta test, where real users use the developed systems to find bugs. The client only pays for bugs founded and approved. Who defines the term of execution and the amount limit to spend is the customer, this model ends up being adaptable to any reality. Another important point is with regard to the results delivered: besides having real-time access to all the bugs registered during the tests, the whole result is exported at the end of the process. And there is more: the client is the one who defines what types of bugs should be registered. For example, if the profile of your application does not require an interface analysis, just remove the type of interface bug and none of that type will be registered.

How it works

The project is executed through the Internet in an interval of up to two weeks. Crowdtest will provide a team to support it’s participants, follow up of failure logs and direct communication with the customer. The entire fault logging environment must be configured and controlled by the Crowdtest team. The infrastructure of operation of the application tested, as well as the full operation of the application itself must be guaranteed by the client. During the project period, all participants will use the developed system and record the failures found in the available tool. The logged failures will be classified as described below.

Types of bugs



Violations that allows the user to perform some activity not enabled in the system.



They produce an illogical or unexpected behavior of the application where the result obtained is different than expected.



Language errors founded in the application texts.


Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Those related to the graphical user interface, the software presentation



In this case is not about bugs itself, but software improvements suggestions.



Prevent the use of any functionality of the application.