The Pay-per-test is perfect for those companies who already have a well-defined scope.

Pay-per-test is ideal for projects that require the least guarantee of test coverage and that already have a well-defined scope. In this model, the client can have an predictability of the investment once the budget is directly linked to the scope defined by his own team.

The This service has many differentials and was developed considering the client's bottlenecks. The tests are performed by a huge online workforce, which is available 24x7.This ensure de scalability to specify and execute all the tests.

Our test team is totally on-demand, and can assist and improve your development and deployment process.

At Pay-per-test you have access to hundreds of different platforms, between web, desktop and mobile.



Optimized Budget


Scalability with online workforce.


On-demand testing team


Multiples platforms


Available testing team 24x7


ciclo paypertest 031. Setup: This step is performed by the internal team of Base2 and aims to configure the test design. It identifies existing documentation, list of critical functionalities and even test cases that may exist.

Note: If the software does not have the tests specified, they can be generated by the Base2 team. This service is provided separately.

2. Execution: When the project enters the execution cycles, tens or even hundreds of testers are recruited to participate the project. Existing test cases are reviewed by the base testers themselves. All tests run on multiple platforms (desktop, web or mobile) by the various testers selected.

3. Validation: After performing the tests, Base2 team performs a previous validation of the results and a new cycle starts.