Pricing Estimator

Hello! We developed this tool to provide price estimation. We understand that each company has its own requirements for tests, that's why at the end of this estimative you can call upon one Base2 consultant to get in touch to provide a more accurate budget.
  • Your system is having many bugs in the hands of the final user?
  • Are you getting a new system, but do you need to evaluate it to see if it will work completely?
  • Does your company perform constant system updates and need to ensure that it will continue to function normally?
Then its is very likely that you will find the best solution clicking below.
  • Your application is used by hundreds or thousands of users at the same time?
  • Are there times when your application is slow?
  • Your system is showing low performance and you can’t find what is happening?
Click below and see a proper solution for your problem!
  • Need to understand how your application will work in real-world environment?
  • Do you have a low budget and a lot of urgency to carry out the tests?
Then the better solution for you is Crowdtest: Tests performed by real users spread over the Internet using the Crowdsourcing model.
  • Does your application require a high level of confidentiality?
  • Only graduated professionals could test your system?
To understand you demanding, we offer certificated and qualified professionals to deliver accurate results.

Parameters – QA Outsourcing

The Test Factory involves specific processes to each customer profile. There is a very large number of variables that need to be treated in order to generate a proposal that is appropriate to each reality. Therefore, we ask you to provide us some information. Soon one of our commercial consultants will contact you to understand your software reality.

What your company needs?

Which application profile should be tested?

Please provide as many details as you can. Example: development platform, database, development team size if any, test team size if any, already use some test automation tool and, if you use which ones, and other possible informations.

Parameters – Load testing

How many flows should be executed?

What kind of test do you want to do?

What is the aim of the test?

The test execution should be delivered at what time?

Parameters – Crowdtest

How many cycles should be performed per month?

What is the profile of the application that should be tested?